on the impact of waste

In order to ensure that waste does not end up in our natural environment but in dedicated garbage cans (made available in companies, on the public domain, or during an event), it is essential to make citizens and users aware of the impact of their actions. Raising awareness allows for a change in behavior.

Through public awareness,
42% of additional waste streams are collected.

visual awareness pollution mask2


Waste collection actions in partnership with citizen or institutional initiatives.


During events, our teams are present to make participants aware of the environmental impact of their waste.


For companies or in closed spaces, we set up playful stands.

An awareness
made to measure
to change behaviors

We propose many awareness-raising actions adapted to our partners, the field and the identified objectives.
Our awareness-raising actions take several forms:
- going to meet users on the public domain,
- setting up an awareness-raising stand offering fun activities for adults and children,
- running training sessions in small groups,
Organizing waste "collection" actions...

These actions are essential for events that want to be part of an environmental approach, that aim to reduce their cleaning costs, whose objective is to leave the premises as clean as possible, all in the service of a good image for the event.

megot awareness poster

The reports impact

Keenat provides a global solution for the management and treatment of cigarette butts, masks and chewing gum. We accompany you all along your approach until the elaboration of your annual impact report.
But what is an impact report?

The impact report is a tool for analyzing and communicating the effectiveness of the cigarette butt, mask or chewing gum solution in your premises or community.

This tool illustrates all the important data such as the number of cigarette butts, masks, chewing gum that you have collected, the number of liters of water that you have preserved or the number of insertion hours that you have generated.

This tool allows you to federate around your eco-responsible approach but also to encourage your teams or your citizens to throw their waste in the dedicated bins.

We provide you with a digital version, which you can then distribute on your networks or internally!

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