Cigarette butts

Cigarette butt recycling : Recovery and Recycling innovative and responsible processes

Cigarette butts are one of the most dangerous wastes for the eco-systems because of their toxic compounds. Finding an alternative way to recover and recycle cigarette butts can considerably reduce the pollution of natural environments and the use of fossil energy.

The cigarette butt is a hazardous waste, which implies the respect of strict standards for its transport and treatment. Nevertheless, it is also a resource. That's why we have developed an innovative butt recycling system to give it a second life.

Recycling butts without water or solvent

Does it work?

Recycling without water or solvents

We recycle in our workshop in Bordeaux

Patent pending

Step 1
Separation and sorting

Step 2
Crushing and depollution

Step 3

Step 4
Creation of signs

butt separation

A recycling
water and solvent free

Écomégot has created an environmentally friendly recycling process in partnership with French laboratories. Thanks to their research, it is possible to reuse the material from the butt without using water or solvents. This patented recycling technique avoids polluting the soil and water which is a precious and rare resource!

How Does it work?

Thanks to the plastic contained in the butt filter (cellulose acetate), we are able to extract it and mix it with other recycled plastics to create a new recyclable plastic polymer.

Since 2018, our R&D cell has been initiating advanced research on the cigarette butt, to develop and advance our recycling chain. In close collaboration with our partner laboratories, we have acquired real expertise about this waste. We are constantly improving our knowledge of cigarette butts to ensure the most environmentally friendly recycling process.


a tool for awareness raising.

We have decided to transform cigarette butts into an awareness plate for communities, companies, high schools... This signage will serve as a reminder of the CSR and environmental approach of our customers and to raise awareness of the pollution of cigarette butts in parks, gardens, streets, beaches, business premises, town halls...

We are convinced that recycling must be used to communicate, to encourage eco-gestures and to change behavior. Thus, we create a virtuous circle and a global solution where all the components serve the following ones, so that in the long run, the pollution of cigarette butts is no longer an issue for our planet.

Example of an eco-responsible awareness plaque made from recycled cigarette butts

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