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At Keenat, we fight against cigarette butt pollution. To do this, in addition to awareness, collection and recycling of cigarette butts, we offer outdoor ashtrays to communities, private or public companies, festivals, associations and administrations. Our outdoor ashtrays reflect the values of the company. They are all made in France and are eco-designed.

The ashtray

The ashtray


100% customizable

Thanks to their bi-color, our ashtrays are identifiable from afar. To further identify them in your structures, we propose to fully customize them and adapt them to your visual identity.

Made in France


In an environmental approach, Keenat has developed a range of outdoor ashtrays that respect the rules of sustainable development. All our raw materials are chosen for their quality in terms of recycling and durability. Our manufacturing partners are in France and close to our premises to reduce our carbon footprint and promote the local economy.

The ashtray
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Resistant & secure

Guaranteed for 2 years, our outdoor ashtrays have been designed for several years to resist UV and rust. Since they are installed outside, we provide you with unique keys to ensure the security of your furniture.

Ready to install

Putting in place an environmental approach doesn't wait! All our ashtrays are delivered assembled. All you have to do is install them by yourself. We can also, on request, install them for you thanks to our network of partners located everywhere on the territory.

Ashtrays installed throughout France and Europe

Today, more than 2000 ashtrays have already been installed throughout France (Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon, Saint Cloud, Venelles...) and in Europe. More than 1,000 CAC40 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, cities, communities, etc. have created "zero-butt" spaces to fight against the impact and pollution of cigarette butts on our environment.

Available for rent or purchase. Contact us for more information.

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