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Single-use masks and PPE

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We have developed a innovative solution for the management and valorization of masks

r'mask® was born in 2020 in the context of the Covid-19 and following the obligation to wear a mask daily in the streets, in public spaces, at work ... The plastic composition of masks makes this waste, a major issue in the fight against pollution. The concept is simple: to offer an innovative and complete solution for awareness, collection and recycling of "surgical" masks.

Our goal?

Our main objective is to massively reduce the number of masks thrown away in the streets and in nature.

Actions of awareness

Setting up of
collection boxes

Collection of

Recycling of

Impacts of a single-use mask: Do you know them?

100% plastic

your mask

is not made of paper

A mask takes an average of

10 years old to degrade

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A simple approach
for any structure

Companies, communities, ERP, events...

Your issues

  • You want to raise awareness your employees, citizens... to the environmental impact of the mask
  • You wish to equip of the solution r'mask
  • You want to reduce the impact your company's, community's or event's environment
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