Single-use masks and PPE

Collection and container
for masks

Whether you want to collect masks indoors or outdoors, we have designed specific containers.

After raising awareness and installing outdoor bins in communities and businesses, the masks are collected and recycled.

visual box keys in hand

Boxes and voluntary drop-off points, a solution turnkey and without commitment

The r'mask collection boxes are delivered folded in a protective cardboard box, on a pallet, and are very easy to assemble yourself. They are delivered with :

  • 2 cartons of refills per box ordered, with the plastic bag (double packaging to respect sanitary constraints), to be installed in each box
  • The assembly instructions for the boxes
  • Two awareness posters

3 good reasons to collect the masks with Keenat :

Collection simple and effective masks

Simply close the plastic bag once filled, and close the refill box

Collection rechargeable masks

Refill bags are provided upon receipt of the boxes, allowing you to quickly collect your masks again.

Collection secured masks

In order to respect the sanitary constraints, once the full box is packed, the box must be stored for 96 hours before removal.

Traceability and transparency

We also help you choose the most suitable and practical mask collection options for you and your needs. Whatever collection option you choose, we ensure traceability, transparency and compliance with standards.

The design and characteristics of the boxes

The eco-design of our products

All the boxes are eco-designed with fully recyclable materials and made in France.

The boxes are made of cardboard, they are 100% recyclable and reusable at the end of life.

Note that all our boxes are customizable with your logo.

Compliance with sanitary rules

The boxes are designed in compliance with health regulations: double packaging with refill cardboard and plastic bag inside the box. The user is never in direct contact with the inner container. The double packaging facilitates pre-collection on site by the cleaning agents.

In addition, the opening of the box is adapted to the masks and is designed to avoid any direct contact with the box when depositing the mask.

BSD and traceability

In order to guarantee the traceability of our recycling process, a Waste Follow-up Form (BSD) will be provided to you.

A report is also provided to all our customers indicating :

  • Total weight and number of masks collected
  • Collection locations and dates of collections
  • Data by grouping site (when the boxes are on different sites)

A product traceability system, based on the deposit model, will be set up in order to control the end of life of the recycled products based on the masks we collect.

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