Single-use masks and PPE

Awareness to the pollution of our surgical masks

At keenat, we work every day to encourage behavioral changes among all audiences in the face of the plastic pollution that threatens our environment.

Our global r'mask solution is based on 4 pillars: awareness raising, installation of RRPs, collection and recycling of single-use masks. The awareness actions allow to make the solution effective in your company or your structure.

Thanks to the awareness-raising actions, everyone becomes an actor in the protection of the environment and can thus act with full knowledge of the facts.

visual awareness pollution mask2

Communicating about plastic pollution: our awareness posters

Once you have joined the Keenat adventure, we give you access to awareness campaigns created by our team. Either digitally or in your starter pack, these posters are designed to raise awareness among your employees or citizens, to the impact of plastic pollution on our environment.

Distributing these posters to a large number of people allows a first approach and a first visual awareness. The change of behavior is done by simple and daily gestures.

Each year, we provide new awareness campaigns to our customers and partners, to reach a maximum of people and make fun and educational the discovery or rediscovery of these impact figures!

Call on our

Our awareness workshops

When you want to establish an environmental approach and change behaviors (raise awareness of eco-gestures), this requires an educational approach. It is essential to explain to your employees why it is so important to put your masks in the boxes at their disposal, so that they change their behavior (put the masks in the trash can for example).

Our plus ? Our eco-ambassadors travel with an eco-responsible stand, made in France and by the most environmentally friendly means of transport.

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