Our collection furniture

Cigarette butts

Discover our range of ashtrays
made in France and eco-designed

ashtray atlantique detoure with stickers

Standing ashtray

The reference of our ashtrays adapts to all types of environments (cities, companies, schools...)

wall-mounted ashtray for recycling cigarette butts

Wall mounted ashtray

With a simple wall mounting, our wall ashtray will find its place on walls, poles, posts ...

Orange Pav Sided

Voluntary drop-off point

It allows you to empty your pocket ashtray on the beach, freeway service areas, waste disposal sites, events...

Ashtray survey

Playful and participative, it encourages smokers to answer a personalized question with their butts

Pocket ashtray

Customizable, it is ideal to store the butts in any place for employees, festival-goers, citizens, students...

Single-use masks and PPE

Discover our range of collection boxes
made in France and eco-designed

Voluntary drop-off point

They allow you to deposit your masks and PPE in order to enhance them.

Chewing gum

Collection bins in the process of being designed...

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