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Awareness to cigarette butt pollution

At ecom├ęgot, raising awareness about cigarette butt pollution is an essential lever. Awareness is the first step towards reducing pollution from cigarette butts. Informing and inculcating the right gestures so that everyone can adopt eco-responsible behaviors, is our priority.

Thanks to the awareness-raising actions, everyone becomes an actor in the protection of the environment. Smokers become aware of the environmental impact of a cigarette butt. Non-smokers can in turn raise awareness among their smokers. It is then possible to spread the messages to as many people as possible.

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actions taken


10 000

people sensitized

more than

1 000 000

butts collected during citizen actions

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Communicate about cigarette butt pollution: our awareness posters

The first step towards raising awareness of the environmental impact of cigarette butts is information, and information comes through communication. A cigarette butt is composed of more than 2500 toxic components and plastic, more precisely cellulose acetate! Whether it is thrown on the ground in the city, hidden in the sand on the beach, in a park, in front of one's house... the cigarette butt will always end up in the waters of the seas and oceans. We can quickly imagine the extent of its pollution.

Distributing informative posters on a large scale, addressed to all citizens, is already raising awareness of the impacts of cigarette butts and making each person a powerful relay of commitment towards good eco-gestures.

Each year, we renew our awareness campaigns, making them available to our clients and partners, to reach a maximum number of people and make it fun and educational to discover or rediscover these impact figures!

Call on our eco-ambassador.drice.s!

Our awareness workshops

How to reach a maximum of people and make them want to learn about cigarette butts? Our eco-ambassadors know the subject well and come to meet citizens to inform them, discuss, debate, and this, thanks to educational tools adapted to different audiences, whether during a community event, in companies, in schools ...

Our advantage? Our eco-ambassadors travel with an eco-responsible stand, Made In France and by the most environmentally friendly means of transport.

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You organize an action of Citizen pickup ?

In addition to the digital communication and the holding of a stand, we also propose the organization and the participation in various activities, such as the actions of collection of butts.

The friendly and participative framework of this type of event lends itself perfectly to dialogue around the issue of cigarette butts. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and illustrate the positive ecological impact generated by the initiative: for each cigarette butt collected, 500 liters of water will not be polluted!

Raising awareness through citizen participation is a concrete action to sensitize the most knowledgeable as well as the least informed! We can be partners, and organize together actions of collection to share a convivial moment of citizen commitment!

The world record of cigarette butts collected!

More than 855,000 cigarette butts were collected in Paris on May 29, 2021 in just 3 hours in 5 Parisian neighborhoods. A fist-pumping action to raise awareness through participation and shock at the staggering quantity of cigarette butts collected together!

world record of collected shellfish

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Cigarette butt recycling
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