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Chewing gum

Awareness, collection & valorization

chewing gum collection

A innovative solution for chewing gum management

Freegum is a turnkey solution offering :

  • the installation of a collection point in hotspots identified by you,
  • bollard collection (frequency to be defined together),
  • energy recovery from collected chewing gum.

Keenat also offers a range of awareness-raising activities: a stand, a mobile awareness-raising event or a webinar. These awareness-raising activities enable everyone to become aware of the impact of their actions on our environment and on the cleanliness of our surroundings. Each person becomes an ambassador of good practice.

How to reduce the amount of chewing gum on the floor?

  • Raise awareness of plastic waste issues and their impact on the environment among citizens and employees.
  • Promote innovative solutions to reduce the production and encourage the recovery of plastic waste.
  • Encourage companies and public bodies to adopt more responsible plastic waste management practices.

Product advantages

  • The Gum'Box is fun, visible and easy to
    understand, thanks to its design and message. Made in France, the Gum'Box is easy to install thanks to its wall-mounting kit.
  • Versatile, our Gum'Box can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs, to keep your spaces clean.

Whether you're a cinema, a library, a university, a school, a stadium, etc., the freegum solution gives you the keys to keeping your furniture and facilities clean and durable.

Gum'Box freegum by Keenat
Chewing gum pollution

Key figures

  • Chewing gum accounts for 100,000 tonnes of plastic pollution worldwide every year!
  • It's the 2nd most common urban waste after cigarette butts.
  • Chewing gum is made up of 100 chemical elements, including petroleum derivatives. Also known as rubber, resin, emulsifiers, polymers, wax, oil...
  • The cost of cleaning up chewing gum for a local authority is €1.70/m2! For example, "just" cleaning the Champs-Elysées would cost €227,290.

Start the fight against chewing gum in 4 easy steps:


Assess your current situation

What's your problem? Pollution, cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring the longevity of your equipment, rationalizing cleaning costs? Have you already implemented certain actions? What results have you achieved?


Define your goals

What benefits do you expect to derive from implementing the freegum solution?


Choose the freegum solution

A turnkey solution designed to make your life easier. An optimized installation, a sturdy bollard, quick and easy collection, and waste that's recycled. The freegum solution fits in perfectly with your CSR approach.


Monitoring and evaluation

Once the freegum solution has been installed, it's important to monitor and evaluate its results. We provide you with an annual environmental and social impact report. You'll also benefit from reporting on collection, traceability and energy recovery.

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