Waste collection

At Keenat, we offer you a complete solution. After having sensitized the public, installed the ashtrays (desks, polls, on stand...) and the mask and chewing gum bins, our teams are in charge of the waste collection.
We work with social integration structures throughout France and Europe to ensure that the collection is as green as possible.

Collection of butts on outdoor ashtrays
Collecting cigarette butts by bike

A collection adapted to your needs

At the beginning of our collaboration, we define together the frequency of collection necessary: according to the number of bins installed, the affluence of the site, the number of daily users...
The collection must be simple, effective and secure.
The material used, especially for the collection of cigarette butts, is in compliance with the regulations relating to hazardous waste. Our teams use approved, hermetic and reusable storage containers and drums for cigarette butts, masks and chewing gum.

How does it work?

Emptying ashtrays couldn't be easier!

Our new model is equipped with a simplified emptying system thanks to a trap door secured by a lock: the cigarette butts slide into the storage container. This system guarantees an easily accessible, fast and clean emptying. This is a fundamental requirement for us when we call on partners with disabilities.

Collecting butts with ashtrays on stands
Voluntary collection point

Our SSE partners
and integration structures

As you can see, at Keenat, we take care of the environment, but not only! The social aspect is particularly important to us, we take care of women and men, throughout our production chain.

This is why we have developed a network of partners with social integration and disability organizations and social enterprises throughout France and Europe.
The objective? To create local jobs and encourage the integration of people who are far removed from the professional world.

Today, we collaborate
with more than 50 structures!

They manage the installation of ashtrays, bins and waste collection for our customers. Working with these structures guarantees greener and more local interventions and improves your impact report.

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