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Setting up
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cigarette butts

cigarette butts

We have THE solution
to reduce the impact
of the cigarette butt!

ecomégot® (ecomigot®) is the first solution launched by the company in 2016. The project was simple: reduce the environmental impact of cigarette butts, by reducing the number thrown on the ground. Why? Because the cigarette butt is a waste that very often ends up in the water systems (especially sewers) and ends up in the seas and oceans. When we know that a cigarette butt alone pollutes up to 500 liters of water, it was important to find an effective solution for communities and companies!

Our goal?

To reduce the number of discarded cigarette butts, to make cities and companies cleaner, to reduce the pollution of our seas and oceans, to propose environmental and social solutions for our customers, to manufacture furniture made in France, to create employment for people who are far from it, to develop solutions for the reuse of waste and its recycling.

The impact of the cigarette butt of cigarette : Do you know them?

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awareness action

A simple approach
for any structure

Companies, communities, ERP, events...

Your issues

  • You are looking for a recycling solution for your cigarette butts
  • You want to raise awareness your employees
    to the environmental impact of
    cigarette butt
  • You wish to equip
    of the ecomegot solution
  • You want to reduce the impact your company's, community's or event's environment

Our solution
in detail

1. Receipt of tools

2. Installation of the ashtray

3. Cigarette butt disposal

4. Secure collection

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Social enterprise with 100% French production and recycling

Reliable, custom-made, turnkey solution

Ability to operate anywhere in France and Europe

Commitment to BSD traceability and transparency

Delegated management of your waste butts

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