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KeeNat has developed complete solutions to help you implement processing certain waste: cigarette butts (EcoButt) and chewing gum (FreeGum). Our objective: to offer you ready-to-use solutions!


The complete solution to create "zero cigarette butt" spaces. Since 2016, we have been working with local authorities, companies, events, associations etc. to raise awareness among users, collect cigarette butts, and recover them as energy but also recycle them into new materials ! Our main objective: to work together in reducing the pollution of cigarette butts.

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New since 2019, KeeNat has developed a solution to collect and recycle chewing-gum. Based on the same model as EcoMégot, we accompany all types of structures to implement an environmental approach so that chewing gum no longer pollutes our ground. It's up to you to become the new "zero chewing gum" zones.

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R'Masque was born in 2020 in the context of Covid-19 following the necessity to wear a mask every day in the street, in public spaces, or at work... The plastic composition of masks makes this waste a major issue in the fight against pollution. The concept is simple: to offer a complete solution for raising awareness, collecting and recycling so-called "surgical" masks.

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Let's create tomorrow's "zero cigarette butt" and "zero chewing gum" spaces together

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Our main objective: to reduce the pollution of our waste

Do you want to reduce pollution from cigarette butts and chewing gum? Propose awareness-raising actions to explain the environmental impact of this waste? Find collection solutions so that they don't end up on the ground? Recover and recycle this waste? That's the purpose of KeeNat, so contact us!

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