Let's create zero chewing-gum spaces

freeGUM® is the SSE solution that supports public and private structures in the creation of zero chewing-gums areas via raising awareness about the pollution of this waste, collection of chewing-gum in special bins and recovery of this waste through a new recycling channel.

freeGUM® has two objectives : clean up gum pollution in cities and natural areas and create employment for people who are currently excluded from the world of work. 

Raising awareness,
Collection and

Your challenges

You are looking for a solution to recycle chewing-gum

You want to make sure your employees are aware about the environnemental impact of chewing-gum

You would like to be equipped with the FreeGUM solution

You want to reduce the environmental impact of your company, community or event

We have developed an innovative solution for the management of chewing gum

We offer a global solution for the management of this waste, including the installation of chewing gum collection points! Discover our solution now!

Do you know the impacts of chewing-gum ?

Our solution :

Awareness raising actions that are 100% Customisable

Patented collection bins with a design adapted to both rural or urban environments100% Customisable, Eco-designed, 100% Recyclable, Made in France

A French innovation with 100% local sub-contractors

To find out more, contact us!

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