Cigarette butt collection

Once the ashtrays are installed and filled, it is time to collect the cigarette butts. As a social and solidarity enterprise, Keenat has developed its cigarette butt collection solution as a social and environmental lever.

How is the collection of cigarette butts going?

In order to recycle the butts, they must be collected regularly so that the ashtrays are usable and clean to encourage smokers to throw their butts in. There are two ways to collect butts:

Would you like your maintenance workers to collect cigarette butts?

With a few basic safety rules, they can collect the butts and store them in cans provided upon receipt of your order. Once the cans are filled, our transporters will take care of transporting the butts to our recycling facility in Bordeaux.

Would you like your maintenance workers to collect cigarette butts?

Over the years, Keenat and its ÉcoMégot solution have built solid and trustworthy partnerships with local integration sites all over France. These partnerships allow us to collect butts from all our customers wherever they are in France. After defining the frequency of collection with you, our integration sites take care of collecting the butts and send them to our recycling workshop in Bordeaux.

Why work with integration projects for the collection of cigarette butts?

Keenat places the social aspect at the heart of its concerns. Working with local integration sites is above all to allow people far from employment to reintegrate the professional path. Our will is to cover the whole French territory with local integration projects in order to offer you solutions that are always closer to your home and respectful of the environment

Empty your ashtray to collect butts

Your ashtray is full, you need to collect it. To do this, nothing could be easier, follow this tutorial where everything is explained to guarantee your safety and a successful collection. 

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