Keenat has developed ÉcoMégot, a global solution for the treatment and management of cigarette butts. We act on 4 fundamental pillars to reduce the number of cigarette butts on the ground; public awareness, installation of ashtrays, collection and recycling of butts.

Why raise awareness about cigarette butt pollution?

Keenat and its Ecomégot solution have a mission: to reduce the number of cigarette butts thrown on the ground each year. To give ourselves the means to succeed, we want to encourage changes in behavior regarding the impact of cigarette butts on our environment. Today, many people think that cigarette butt filters are made of cotton! Not true! They are made from cellulose acetate. A plastic material obtained by chemical modification of cellulose (a natural polymer).

It is by educating and sensitizing the public of all generations that we will succeed in reducing the number of cigarette butts present on the ground.

How to raise awareness about cigarette butt pollution?

As you have understood, awareness of cigarette butt pollution is a necessary lever at KeeNat. We do our best to encourage behavioral changes thanks to several tools: 

Visual awareness: 

Each of our client partners has unlimited access to a series of awareness posters for your premises, citizens or employees. Posts and visuals for social networks are also ready to be published to warn your communities and start raising awareness about cigarette butt pollution.

Raising awareness through our ambassadors: 

Our duo travels all over France to meet you. Our ambassadors will be present to discuss the environmental impact of cigarette butts with your employees, students, collaborators, citizens or festival-goers, in the form of a stand and fun and relevant workshops.

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