Raising awareness, collecting and recycling

écoMÉGOT® was created in 2016 in response to an alarming observation about the toxicity of cigarette butts and the number of butts thrown on the ground. The concept is simple: to offer an innovative, comprehensive and local solution for raising awareness, collecting and recycling cigarette butts, and to create “zero-butt” spaces throughout France.
At écoMÉGOT®, we are turning cigarette butts, classified as hazardous waste, into a resource and even a vector of commitment. Our goal is to clean up cities and natural environments, create sustainable jobs and promote recycling. We are proud of our environmental and social values, and have obtained ESUS (Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilité Sociale) approval in 2019.

Raising awareness,
Collection and

Your challenges

You are looking for a recycling solution for your cigarette butts

You want to make your employees aware of the environmental impact of cigarette butts

You would like to be equipped with the EcoMegot solution

You want to reduce the environmental impact of your company, community or event

We have
THE solution to reduce the impact of a cigarette butt !

ÉcoMégot has a collection and recycling process to fight against the pollution of cigarette butts in our environment.

Do you know the impacts of a cigarette butt ?

Our solution :

100% customisable awareness raising actions

Patented ashtrays with a design that can be adapted to both rural and urban environments 100% Customisable, Eco-designed, 100% Recyclable, Made in France

The cigarette butt is a hazardous waste , we propose 2 solutions to deal with it : Recovery or Recycling

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