Cigarette butt recycling at ÉcoMégot!

Since June 2020, ÉcoMégot has filed a European patent on its new recycling process for cigarette butts. Centralized in our premises near Bordeaux, the EcoButt recycling workshop is born!

What is our recycling process?

In view of the content of chemical components, particularly nicotine, butts are assigned the hazard classes HP6 and HP14 (acute toxicity and ecotoxicity). It is safer to treat it as hazardous waste. What we do for transportation and traceability. 
Our cigarette butt recycling process uses no water or solvents. Like many people, we consider water to be a scarce and precious resource.

As JCVD said, in ten years there will be no more!

It is important for us not to waste water and it would be a nonsense if we did the opposite. We also avoid soil pollution by not using any solvents. 

The decontamination of cigarette butts is ensured by successive heating (to nearly 200°) of the material which destroys the most toxic components (nicotine, phenol, pesticide). We have also launched other R&D projects to experiment with other more efficient ways of eliminating odor (such as supercritical CO2).

What happens to the cigarette butts?

In order for the EcoButt solution to be effective, public awareness is fundamental. We make citizens or employees aware of the impact of cigarette butts on the environment. 

We do not see recycling as an end in itself, but rather as a lever to raise awareness and drive behavioral change among smokers and non-smokers. 

We decided on a symbolic object. Cigarette butts are therefore recycled into awareness panels. 

These signs are intended for communities, universities, parks, companies … They highlight the impact of cigarette butts on the environment, warn of the presence of a zero-butt space.

We are also testing whether our recycled plastic is compatible with 3D printing techniques.