Raising Awareness

So that waste does not end up in our natural environment but in special bins placed in businesses, in public areas, or at events, it is essential to raise awareness among citizens, and consumers, of the impact of this waste. When people are aware of the consequences on the environment, behaviour changes considerably.

Waste collection actions

Waste collection actions in partnership with civic or corporate initiatives.

Mobile awareness drive

At events, our teams are there to raise awareness about the environmental impact of waste.

Educative Stands

We can set up fun stands within companies or other enclosed spaces.

42% more waste is collected by raising public awareness

Source Edouard Vergé, Managing Director of ÉcoMégot

100% customisable
actions to raise awareness and change behaviour

We offer many awareness-raising actions that are adapted to our partners, the site and the objectives of the solution to be put in place locally. Our awareness-raising actions take several forms: we can go directly to consumers in public areas, we can set up awareness stands with fun games for adults and children, we can offer training in small groups, we can organise waste "collection" events...

These actions are essential for events that want to be part of an environmental approach, that aim to reduce their cleaning costs, and whose objective is to leave places as clean as possible, and create a good image of the event.

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